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HOWTO: Adding Elvaco CME2100 to DEXCell Energy Manager

Last Updated: Jun 20, 2016 06:14PM CEST
In order to configure an Elvaco CME2100 gateway, follow this steps:
  1. Go to "Settings" menu
  2. Go to "Gateways" menu, register new gateway and select Elvaco CME2100 
  3. Fill the gaps to configure it properly:
  4. It's important to remind the FTP user and the FTP Password, which will be used to send the SMS explained in step 5. Serial number is an optional field.
  5. Then, we have to send 2 SMS to the elvaco's SIM
  • SMS 1: install # dexma. Where # is de number of devices connected to the bus. For example: install 3 dexma
  • SMS 2: qset ftp 21 user pass. Where user and pass are provided in step 3. For example: qset ftp 21 143710 175853
Once we have configured the gateway and sent the 2 SMS, we have ready our gateway!

If you Elvaco CME2100 is not sending data every 15 minutes just send the following SMS:
  • SMS 1: 2222;sync dexma 
  • SMS 2: qset ftp 21 user pass. Where user and pass are provided in step 3. For example: qset ftp 21 143710 175853

If you want to send historical data to DEXCell Energy Manager, we will have to send the following message: 
report reportID filter.mode=interval filter.param=YYYYMMDD,YYYMMDD

You will find the report ID on the menu number 8 (pages 98 to 101) from the attached manual.
The first date is the "from" and the second one is the "to" in the YYYYMMDD format.

report 2104 filter.mode=interval filter.param=20140916,20140919

#Note: For devices compatibility, please ask our support team at

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