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HOWTO: Create Derived parameters

Last Updated: Apr 21, 2015 09:03AM CEST
Following this manual you will be able to convert a parameter into another one, simply doing a bypass or converting it with different correct factors. 

This is usefull when the gateway does not send data into DEXCell Energy Manager with the correct parameter identifiers or when you are doing Gas Metering. 
  1. Log in as a superadmin into your DEXCell Energy Manager account.
  2. Go to "Settings" and click on "Gateways"
  3. Select a gateway  and click  on the "devices" tab.
  4. Edit the device you want to create a derived parameter from
  5.  From any device you will be able to derive as many diferent parameters as you want. For example, from a Gas Massflow (m3), you can get Gas normalized massflow (Nm3) and Gas Energy (kWh). 
  6. On the form, focus on [Optional] Derived parameters 
  7.   Now just select a "Base Parameter", a conversion formula if needed and the "Resultant parameter"
  • Example 1: Bypass parameter - If you just need to bypass realtime data, for example from Parameter 503 to any other, use this configuration: 
  • Example 2: Derived parameter - If you need to do some operations during the bypass, use the following configurarion (with your own correct factors): 
  1. Then save and that's all!


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