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HOWTO: Connecting a GPRS modem to a 870-5-102 meter

Last Updated: Aug 08, 2017 04:01PM CEST
To connect a GPRS modem to an 870-5-102 fiscal meter (only available in Spain), follow the diagram below:
Follow the following diagram:

  • It's very important to insert the sim card before powering the GPRS modem
  • The RS232 cable is a male-male 1-1 cable (pin to pin)
  • If we want to change the parity or the baudrate, we have to send the followig SMS:
  • The sim's telephone number must be available only in that sim. Use multisim services where a number is shared by serveral sims will cause configuration problems.

Changing Parity and Baudrate

In case that the modem and the meter goes in a different parity or baudrate, we will have to send the 3 following messages to the modem. Here is explained how to obtain the basic parameters from the fiscal meter. 
  1. Changing the parity (use even, odd or none depending on the case):​
  2. Changing the baudrate
  3. Reset the modem​. That message must be sent as follows:
​​The modem will answer with an OK to the first 2 messages.

Signal quality

If you need to find out remote modem network coverage, send the following message:  


The modem will answer with the corresponding coverage: 
  • If it goes between 0 to 10 --> not enough coverage
  • If it goes between 10 to 20 --> could be possible to receive data
  • If it goes between 20 to 30 --> perfect

CSD activation ( ONLY FOR MTX_TUNNEL v7.11 OR ABOVE )

If you need to allow CSD calls to allow your the modem, send the following SMS:
  1. Changing the CSD parameter:
  2. Reset the modem​. That message must be sent as follows:


Some 870-5-102 meters like ZIV 5CTD can not use at the same time the RS232 port and the optic one. If there is another device using any communication port it may cause problems in the data adqusition.


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