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HOWTO: Import data from an EXCEL spreadsheet

Last Updated: Feb 14, 2017 11:33AM CET
DEXCell Energy Manager allows manual data entry through Excel template (.xls). Let's see how:

Main purpose:

We want to perform an energy analysis of a restaurant comparing energy consumption versus production.
The easiest way to assess this production is through daily tickets, provided in EXCEL by the restaurant's POS system.
Once January 2012 is finished, we already have a daily ticket report  for the first month of the year, so that we can insert quickly to DEXCell Energy Manager.


  1. Log in with a "Super Admin" or "Administrator" user role.
  2. Go to "Settings" menu. Then, select "Gateways" option on the left menu.

  3. Now you have to choose the Gateway which you want to edit
  4. Then, select the tab "Insert EXCEL

  5. To upload your file, click on "New Data import"
  6. You can download a template if you click on "template.xls". DEXCell EM allows you to upload multiple parameters at once. That's why we need to tell him the device and parameter you want to send.
  • Device: In our case, we choose the device ID,  which belongs to the "Main load". This value can be seen on Gateways > Devices. Type "12" (in this example)  in the header of the first column of the Excel template. If we don't want to import data into an exisiting device, we could put any name in the Device blank, having no spaces. For example, we could put "context-data-device".

  • Parameter: In this field we need to introduce the parameter identifier (ID) that describes the data that is going to be uploaded. Clicking on "Parameter" will open a web browser window, with a large list of  defined parameters. Towards the end of the document yo will find context paremeters (common used in ratios - i.e: occupation, production, surface ...). As we want to insert daily tickets discretized (day by day), we choose the parameter 131 (Production) adding digit 2 (daily) and 1 (discretized). As a result, we type 13121 parameter ID in excel header cell.
  • Date: below  "Date" title,  type the data dates (time stamps). In our example, we start in 01/01/2012 and end on 31/01/2012.
  • Data: Now just type data below column "1". Excel is left as follows:

  1. Save it and come back to DEXCell EM  import data screen.
  2. Upload the file, and  click on "View data" button.  Check it all on screen. To import data, you click on "Import Data". It will appear a popup asking if you really want to import data. If DEXCell EM detects any inaccuracies, it will tell us and we must modify Excel file data. (i.e. enter data where there is already, inconsistencies in dates, etc.).

  1. In the "Insert EXCEL" tab, it will appear all historic inserted files, available for viewing or checking data values.
  2. That's it! You can now configure ratios or look for correlations in "queries" page.
*   Your excel to import has to be an .xls file (Excel 97-2004 format)
**  The maximum data to import in one single excel file is maximum 5MByte or 50.000 readings.   


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