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HOWTO: Assign addresses to 4Noks Devices

Last Updated: Dec 30, 2013 11:13AM CET
There are two systems to assign addresses to 4Noks devices:
  • Devices with a binary switch
  • Other devices

Binary Switch

Most 4Noks devices use a switch system to determine their address. Each switch represents a bit of the binary address being the left swich the Less Significant Bit. Do not use addresses smaller than 16.
Address = Switch1*1 + Switch2*2 + Switch3*4 + Switch4*8 + Switch5*16 + Switch6*32 + Switch7*64 + Switch8*128
dexcell energy manager setting 4noks address

Other devices

Some 4Noks devices do not have a switch to set the address and the configuration is made using either a Z-HANDZER device or manually sending modbus commands.


Follow this steps:
  1. Turn the Z-HANDZER on.
  2. Select "Join Netw":
    Z-HANDZER-M join network
  3. Select "Commands":
    z handzer m command
  4. Select "Sens Menu":
    z handzer m sens menu
  5. Selecct "Set Address":
    4noks z-handzer-m set addr
  6. You're done

Modbus Commands (advanced users only)

To be able to change the address you need to send 3 messages:
  1. Read Input register 0 of address 127.* 
  2. Write 6521 to Holding register 0 of address 127.
  3. Write X to Holding register 2 of address 127 (where X is the new address we want to use, 23 for example)
  4. Write 1 to Coil 0 of address 127
  5. Read Input register 0 of address X (where X is the address set in step 3).*
* Not really necessary but it is useful to check the connectivity with the device

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