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HOWTO: Adding a Schneider EGX300 to DEXCell Energy Manager

Last Updated: Feb 06, 2018 01:47PM CET
DEXCell Energy Manager is compatible with the Schneider EGX300. In order to start receiving data to your account from your EGX300 follow this steps:
  1. In the upper right corner of your main page select "Settings ":
  2. Once in the Settings page select Gateways:
  3. Select "Register a new gateway":
  4. Select EGX300 and click "Next" :
  5. Choose a name for your EGX300 device:
  6. Log into the EGX web interface and select setup. Once inside setup choose device log export.
  7. Select transport: FTP, Incrementa, Schedule: Hourly, FTP Parameters: IP (use this one!!) (, TCP port: 21, and your username and password from the step 5:EGX300 dexcell energy manager configuration
  8. To ensure that the FTP files are readable for Dexcell please set the EGX300 language to English. Other languages may cause problems.

#Note: For devices compatibility, please ask our support team at

#Note: Every .CSV file sent to DEXCell EM will be parsed following these keys:

#Note: Every .CSV file sent to DEXCell EM will be parsed following these keys:

It will be the .CSV file name, but only UNTIL the first UNDERSCORE found.
if the .CSV file name is:
“My 00001 file from an EGX300 AABBCC fgh_1_20170405070000.csv”
el Device ID in DEXCell EM will be:
“My 00001 file from an EGX300 AABBCC fgh”

TAGS are the names put in the column title from each parameter data series. In the following list the left coumn is the name that have to be put in the column title of each data serie to be imported. The right column explains how this data will be inserted in DEXCell EM:


EGX300 Tag DEXCell Parameter
Temperature (°C) 301
Temperature1 301a
Temperature2 301b
Temperature3 301c
Temperature4 301d
Temperature5 301e
Relative Humidity (%) 302
CO₂ (ppm) 307
Temperature (°F) 330
Iluminancia (lx) 303
Real Power Total (kW) 401
Real Energy (kWh) 402
Energy Delivered (kWh) 402
Total Reactive Power (kVAR) 403
Reactive Energy (kVARh) 404
Voltage A-N 405a
Voltage B-N 405b
Voltage C-N 405c
Voltage L-N Avg 405
Current A 406a
Current B 406b
Current C 406c
Apparent Power Total (kVA) 409
Apparent Energy (kVAh) 410
Current N 413
Gas (m³) 419
THD Current A (%) 423a
THD Current B (%) 423b
THD Current C (%) 423c
Current Avg 426
Voltage L-L Avg 434
Dmd Real Pwr (kW) 451
Energy Received (kWh) 452
Energy Received (kVARh) 454
Voltage A-B 434a
Voltage B-C 434b
Voltage C-A 434c
Input D0 502a
Input D1 502b
Input D2 502c
Input D3 502d
Input D4 502e
Input D5 502f
503a 503a
503b 503b
503c 503c
503d 503d
801 801
802 802
Sonda_Impulsion_Caldera 806
810 810
811 811
Thermal energy (MWh) 802




(*) Parameters as defined in DEXCell EM, data will be converted and inserted in the units specified in the DEXCell EM parameter list.


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