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Last Updated: Jun 12, 2018 01:36PM CEST
This article explains the Forecasting Reliability Metric available in the Forecasting App. If you're not familiar with the Forecasting App you can find more information here

What is the Forecasting Reliability Metric?
The Forecast Reliability Metric allows you to assess how much you can rely on your forecast. It consists in a tag with 5 possibles values. When you hover your mouse over the tag, a tooltip pops up with information relative to the metric.

The difference between your forecast and your data is less than a 10%. You can rely on this forecast.

The difference between your forecast and your data is between 10 and 20%. Is not a very good forecast but it is still acceptable. Please, check for any gaps or missing data.

The difference between your forecast and your data is greater than a 20%. We do not advise you to trust in this forecast.

There is not enough data to calculate your forecast or your profile has too much variability.

Something went wrong during the calculation of the forecast. Please, contact our support team.

How does it work?
The Forecasting Reliability Metric is a mark based on statistical indicators that asses the quality of your data. Some of the analyzed variables are:
  • How many zero values has your data
  • How many N/A values has your data
  • Chaotic pattern changes
  • Outliers
The better the quality of your data is, the more grounded the forecasts will be. The score obtained determines the value of the Forecasting Reliability Metric.


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