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In-bulk account setup

Last Updated: May 23, 2018 01:31PM CEST

DEXCell Energy Manager allows to quickly export all the content of your account in an Excel file with just a few steps. This functionality makes sense when your portfolio of locations is considerably huge and manually handling your data is not an option.​ Additionally, you can export your account information, make any change you consider convenient and then you can insert it back to your account as explained here.

In this tutorial you'll learn how to in-bulk export your project.


  1. To have an existing account in DEXCell Energy Manager. 
  2. To be a SuperAdmin user. You can find more information about how to configure users here.

How to export my account

To export your account you should go to Settings -> Preferences -> Bulk account setup. 

Then just click in the "Export Inventory" button, and a EXCEL file will be generated and donwloaded. It may take some minutes depending on the account size.

What do I get?
  1. Locations: The hierarchy structure of your portfolio of locations along with their relative data.
  2. Devices: An inventory of all your devices and how they are associated with each gateway and associated POD supply if applies.
  3. Reference devices: You'll get a clear list of all your devices that act as reference devices, to which location are they placed and what type of device they are.
  4. Supplies: Your supplies will be listed along with their configured information.
  5. Contracts: There will be 5 sheets, each one for all the available types of contracts present in DEXCell Energy Manager. Configured information about your contracts will be inserted on the Excel file.

You're done!

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