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HOWTO: 4noks HMETER-3P/6P quick install guide on DEXGate2

Last Updated: Aug 09, 2017 05:21PM CEST
To follow this guide you will need: Installation:
  1. Install the current transformers following the following diagram:
  1. Connect the 17th terminal of the HMETER to the A(+) terminal in DEXGate2, the 18th terminal of the HMETER o the B(-) terminal in DEXGate2 and the 16th terminal of the HMETER to the S terminal in DEXGate2
  1. Power up the meter
  2. Power up the DEXGate2
  3. Access the web administration interface of the DEXGate2 by connecting to its wifi access point and then enter (
  4. Login (the default username and password are admin/admin)
  5. Configure ModBus address on the device 
Default Modbus address is 127 and Baudrate is 9600. If you have only one HMETER you can use these values to connect to the device, without the need of changing its address or baudrate.

If necessary, Modbus Address has to be changed through RS485 by modifying certain registers. Look at the attached Quick Start Guide at section DEVICE ADDRESSING.
For further information on how to Modify these registers using DEXGate2 follow this tutorial:
HOWTO: Configure modbus devices without display through RS485 using DEXGate2​
  1. Go to the "Modbus Configuration" section
  2. Edit the configuration lines of the HMETER
  • For three-phse monitoring edit the following lines adding the Modbus Address:
    • devices.fournoks-hmeter3p=
    • devices.fournoks-hmeter6p=
  • For single-phase monitoring edit the following lines adding the Modbus Address:
    • devices.fournoks-hmeter3p-mono=
    • devices.fournoks-hmeter6p-mono=
example: Lines should look like "devices.fournoks-hmeter6p=126,127" where 126 and 127 are addresses of two different devices
  1. Save & restart the modbus bridge or the DEXGate2
  2. You're done!

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