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Using Wireless communication in DEXGate2

Last Updated: Aug 17, 2017 06:22PM CEST
Wireless communication can be a good solution when installing monitoring, specially in existing Buildings.
High costs, difficult installations and more are driving operators to consider alternatives to wired solutions.

Advantages of Wireless Networks:

  • They are usually cheaper.
  • They allow great mobility within the reach of the network 
  • They are usually installed more easily.
  • There are no physical cables (no cables that are tangled)

Modbus over Wireless networks:

When using Modbus, wireless network is just another channel available to communicate with your devices. Configuration of your Modbus devices is very similar to wired solutions because Wireless solutions are transparent to the DEXGate2, so it doesn't really matter if the device is wired or not.

Wireless systems usually consist in one gateway that converts from wired (RS485 or RS232) to wireless communication. In Most cases, the Gateway is transparent for Modbus purposes, and the communciation can be Point to Point, Point to Multipoint, or Mesh Networks:

example of a point to multipoint solution

example of a Mesh Network topology

There are lots of different solutions of wireless communication that are compatible with Modbus Networks.
Some of these solutions consist just in a Serial to wireless interface, and some others include not only the Wireless interface but also the Meter or probe to be used.

Zigbee networks in DEXGate2

DEXGate2 can connect to Zigbee devices form different manufacturers by adding a Zigbee to RS485 gateway or a Zigbee to Ethernet Gateway.
Once Zigbee network is created, Zigbee devices are configured like standard Modbus Devices because the Zigbee network is transparent to the DEXGate2.

Some Zigbee devices form 4Noks are already integrated in DEXGate2:
Temperature and Humidity indoor probe:

4-Noks THI
Temperature, Humidity and lux indoor/outdoor probe:

4-Noks THL
Pulse meter + 2 NTC Temperature probes:

Up to 2x Three Phase or 6x Single phase Meter:

Zigbee to RS485 Gateway (to connect zigbee devices to DEXGate2 through Modbus-RTU):

Zigbee to Ethernet Gateway (to connect zigbee devices to DEXGate2 through Modbus-TCP):

RS485 to Zigbee Bridge (to connect Wired standard devices through a zigbee network):

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