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HOWTO: Circutor LM4i4o quick install guide on DEXGate2

Last Updated: Aug 08, 2017 03:46PM CEST
To follow this guide you will need:
  • 1 x DEXGate2
  • 1 x LM4I/4O
  • 1 x Computer or Mobile Phone with Wifi
  1. Install the pulse inputs and power supply following the following diagram:
  1. Connect the A (+) terminal of the LM4i-4o to the A(+) terminal in DEXGate2, the B (-) terminal of the LM4i-4o to the B(-) terminal in DEXGate2 and the GND terminal of the LM4i-4o to the S terminal in DEXGate2
  2. Power up the DEXGate2
  3. Access the web administration interface of the DEXGate2 by connecting to its wifi access point and then enter (
  4. Login (the default username and password are admin/admin)
  5. Go to the "Modbus Configuration" section
  6. Edit the line:
Select a option (A or B) and complete the line:

- A. Same meter for all inputs 
Example: You have a deployment with up to 4 gas meters (same parameter and scalling factor
  1. Complete line as follows:
  2. devices.circutor-lm-4i-4o=98[419(0.001)]
  3. where "98" indicates ModBus LM4i4o address
  4. "419" is Gas Volume ID parameter (available parameters)
  5. "0.001" is scalling factor for pulse readingds (In the example, 1 pulse = 1L = 0.001m3)

- B. Diferent meters
Example: 1st pulse input is a gas meter (m3), 2nd is a water meter (m3), 3rd input is not being used and 4th is metering electricity 
  1. Complete line as follows:
  2. devices.circutor-lm-4i-4o=98[419(0.001);901(0.001);0;402]
  3. where: "98" indicates ModBus LM4i4o address
  4. 1st input = 419 (Gas Volume ID). 0.001 Scalling factor (1 pulse = 1L = 0.001m3) (available parameters)
  5. 2nd input = 901 (Water Volume ID). 0.001m3 Scalling factor (1 pulse = 1L = 0.001m3)
  6. 3rd input: 0: Disabled
  7. 4th input: 402 (Active Energy ID). 1 Scalling factor (1 pulse = 1kWh)
Then Save and Restart the modbus bridge or the DEXGate2. You're done!

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