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HOWTO: Optical impulses reading using Readwatt

Last Updated: Aug 08, 2017 03:48PM CEST
There are many meters that have an optical pulse emitter, such as GAS meters or DLMS electrical meters. These optical pulse emitters are frequently used to check the correct operation of counters, but can also be used to obtain meter consumption information, with the advantage that it's not necessary to modify the installation.

In order to take advantage of this functionality, it is necessary to have an Optical Pulse probe, which is placed in front of the pulse emitting LED and captures the consumption information that the meter emits with the same precision as the counter itself.

#Note. This system should not be confused with a communication with the counter database using an optical probe, but only the optical pulse reading.

Necessary hardware:
- Optical pulse probe (CIRCUTOR Readwatt)
- DEXGate2 (compatible with Readwatt) or an electrical pulse counter.

Readwatt optical pulse probe:
The Readwatt converts optical pulses from the meter to Modbus RTU or to electrical impulses. This probe therefore supports both DEXGate2 (Modbus) and any equipment capable of reading electrical impulses.

The Readwatt has an RJ45 connector and is supplied with a cable that facilitates the connection of the RS485, power supply or the pulse output. The relationship between signals and colors is as follows:
1: GND Brown                                             
2: Rx, RS-232 Blue
3: Tx, RS-232 Yellow
4: A(+), RS-485 Green
5: B(-), RS-485 Gray
6: GND Orange
7: Salida de impulsos Black
8: Vcc, Alimentación auxiliar Rojo
Readwatt RJ45 Connector:

DEXGate2 connection:
Connect the cables corresponding to the RS485 of the Readwatt (Green and Gray cables) to the RS485 input of the DEXGate2, and the power cables of the Readwatt (Brown and Red cables) to the power supply.

Connection to an electrical pulse counter:
Connect the electrical pulse output of the Readwatt (Orange and Black cables) to the input of the electric pulse counter.

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