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FAQ - Billable Datapoints

Last Updated: Jun 21, 2018 10:58AM CEST
Here you have some questions and answers regarding the datapoints which are billable in DEXCell Energy Manager:

1) First, what is a paid Datapoint? 
Any Datapoint with data stored, typically values every 15min, 30min or 1h, but as well every day or month. Typically are related with energy consumption values, weather, or external raw data to calculate KPIs (like units produced) using Excel files or the API.

2) Virtual Datapoints are billable? 
  • Groups (not billable): are not stored in the database, then are not charged.
  • Calculated Datapoints (not billable): these datapoints can be visualized or help triggering alarms, the values are stored daily/weekly/monthly but are not charged.
  • Derived Datapoints (not billable): to create variation parameters from only one Datapoint, for example for gas when converting from pulses to m3 or kWh. These Datapoints are not charged.
  • Heating and cooling degree days (not billable): these Datapoints are not charged.
  • New Datapoints created from the following Apps (billable): VirtualAPP , ForecastingApp, Carbon Emission AppManual Readings App (if you create a new device)

3) And what about meteo Datapoints and HDD/CDD?

DEXMA understands the need for some of the energy efficiency project to compare the facility consumption according to the external temperature. In order to avoid hardware installation, DEXMA offers the integration with WeatherBit service where, just configuring the location post code, DEXCell provides a list of the closest weather stations available. DEXCell gets data from these weather stations every 15 minutes, for both temperature and humidity. These are charged datapoints.

The meteo Datapoint can be shared within one Account of DEXCell Energy Manager without additional cost, but the “same” meteo used in different Accounts has a cost, and is considered a paid Datapoint. In this last case, DEXCell Energy Manager replicates the storage of each meteo for future changes in historical values or architecture upgrades.

DEXMA doesn’t charge for HDD/CDD datapoints, we store daily values.

4) I need to create static or semi-constant Datapoints. Are they billable? 
Static Datapoints like surface or construction year of the building are parameters that rarely change over a month neither accumulate historical values, for this reason this kind of parameters won’t be charged.

The semi-constant attributes (Datapoints) to calculate KPIs are neither charged.

5) Historical data upload
Historical data introduced into any existing datapoint won’t be charged. If these historical data is introduced to a different device, in that case it will be charge

If you want to know which meters/datapoints are billable in your account, check the following article


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