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HOWTO: Create Custom Devices - DEXGate2

Last Updated: May 23, 2017 01:26PM CEST
If any Modbus device is not compatible yet with DEXGate v2, you can integrate it yourself using the Custom Device feature! In order to do so a JSON device template must be created with the format explained below.
Click on "Custom devices" menu and follow these steps: 
  1. Click in "New custom device" button or in "Import device" button if you have a JSON file already created. 
  2. Introduce a "Device name" (for example, Circutor CVM-mini) and click in "Add Subdevice"
  3. Click in "Add Service" to start configuring the corresponding device and fill the following fields:
    1. Initial Registeris the initial modbus register (an integer between 0 and 65535)
    2. Type Registeris either: 'input' or 'holding'​
    3. DEXCell service: is the dexcell service identificator. You can find them here.
    4. Operation: nothing, multiply, divide or sum. 
    5. Operand: is the operand of the operation. For example, in the kW to W case, we would set the operand value to 1000 to set the divisor of the operation to 1000.
    6. Type value: uint8_msb, int8_msb, uint8_lsb, int8_lsb, uint16, int16, uint32, int32, uint32inv,  int32inv, uint48, int48, uint64, int64, float
  4. If you want to add additional services for the same subdevice, click on "Add Service"
  5. For additional subdevices under the same "Custom device" click on "Add Subdevice"
  6. When you finish to configure all the devices, click on "Save Device" to apply changes. 
Your custom device should look like this:
  1. After creating a file called "yourdevice" you'll need to add a line "customdevice.yourdevice=" in your modbus configuration file followed by the modbus addresses of your custom devices. For example if your device is called Circutor-CVM-mini and it has the modbus addres 13 you'll use this line:


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