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Quick Start Guide - DEXGate2

Last Updated: Aug 17, 2017 04:52PM CEST
This is a quick start guide to install a DEXGate2. 

Material Nedeed

  • DEXGate2
  • Power Supply
  • WiFi antenna
  • 3G antenna if you are using the DEXGate2 3G
  • Smartphone or laptop with wifi
  • Ethernet cable
  • Connection parameters

DEXGate2 Connection

  1. Connect the Wireless antenna on the connector under the miniUSB port
  2. Connect the DEXGate2 through Internet. You have 2 options to feed the DEXGate2 with Internet:
    1. Ethernet, connecting the network cable to DEXGate2 and your local network.
    2. GPRS (only DEXGate2-3G), connecting the 3G antenna into the connector next to the RS232 port. Then, insert the SIM into the slot on the top of the datalogger.
  3. Power on the DEXGate2 by connecting it through a Power Supply
  4. Wait about 1 minute and connect your laptop, smartphone or tablet to the WiFi called DEXGATE_XXXX, where XXXX is the identifier of the DEXGate2. An access point is created for configuration.
  5. Just enter the password to join the network (default password is the DEXGate2 identifier in capital letters), open your web browser and access
  6. In order to acces to the administration page, enter the username and password. By default both are "admin"

Network Configuration

Ethernet Cable

Go to System > Ehernet and Enable DHCP or disable it and use an Static Address 
  • DHCPIP address and networking parameters are automatically configured from a DHCP server
  • Static Address: enter configuration of the local network provided by the network administrator. Contact your system administrator if you need help


3G/GPRS (only with the 3G/GPRS optional module)

Go to System > 3G/GPRS and configure the mobile network information. If you don't know how to configure it, contact your mobile network provider. You can use a pre-configured operator, or set a custom one. 


Configure Time and date

Go to System > Time and date and select the timezone according to the location. Then just click on Save
DEXGate2 uses the UDP port 123 to syncronize the time*.

If Syncronization through UDP port 123 is not available, you can set Time and date manually by selecting Manual (Not recommended).

(* In case of doubt, ask your system administrator)


Register DEXGate2 to DEXCell Energy Manager

  1. Acces to DEXCell Energy Manager with a superAdmin or Admin user
  2. Go to Settings > Gateways > and clik on "Register new Gateway"
  3. Select the DEXGate2 and click on "Next"
  1. Fill the form introducing a Name of your choice, and the serial number of the DEXGate2 in lowercase. You can find it under System > Status menu or checking the name of the WiFi you are connected on (DEXGate_XXXXX) where XXXXX is the serial number.
  2. Once the serial number is introduced and saved, go to "Edit" and you'll see at the Gateway configuration the "Gateway Token" code. This code must be introduced at the DEXGate to finish the registering process.  In order to do it, at the DEXGate2 web administration interface go to Modbus Configuration. Then paste the Gateway Token code shown at DEXCell Energy Manager. At the Modbus Configuration you'll find the following lines were the token should be defined: 
# token of this dexgate in dexcell

Enable remote access

At this point, if you have connection to the internet, you may have remote access to the DEXGate2 from DEXCell. 
DEXGate2 uses the UDP port 1196 to connect to our VPN (*
  1. Go to Diagnostic > Remote support and check if the DEXGate2 is connected to DEXMA VPN.
  2. If not, click on connect.
(* In case of doubt, ask your system administrator)

Configure the meters

We can divide the meters configuration in two steps:

  • Physical meter configuration
  • Bridge configuration
Every meter works in its own way, so we strongly recommend to read the user manual of the meter.
You can configure the bridge through the web administration interface.

If you're using modbus devices you need to specify the address and type of each meter. In order to do it, go to Modbus > Configuration.  It is important to configure properly the modbus address in order to indicate it on DEXGate system configuration. Imagine you have installed 1 CVM-mini and 2 CVM with addresses 1, 2 and 4 
correspondingly. The Modbus configuration should be: 

# Ids of Circutor devices

If you're using an IEC 870-5-102 fiscal meter you have to fill the config file at IEC 870-5-102 > Configuration with the meter's communication parameters (Link address, Measure point, Password, Speed, Parity).

Connecting the meters

DEXGate2 has a DB15 port with the following pinout:
It is also available a DB15 to flying leads cable. Correspondence of pins and colors is as follows:

DB15 DEXGate2 Pinout DEXGate2 adapter 15 flying lead color
3 RS485 (-) B (-) White / Black
4 RS232 TX   Purple
5 1-wire   Yellow
7 RS485 (+) A (+) Yellow / Black
9 RS232 RX   Gray
10 VCC out   Red
12 RS232-2 TX   Orange
13 RS232-2 RX / GPI1   Pink
14 GND S Black
DEXGate2 adapter :
Connect A (+), B (-) and S terminals to the RS485 BUS


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