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HOWTO: Configuring DEXGate to work with FLTA

Last Updated: Feb 12, 2015 02:28PM CET
DEXGate is compatible with devices connected through the Produal FLTA like the PAFL (pulse counter) or the TEFL (temp/hum sensor). When you have this devices configured with the FLTA you should configure the DEXGate following the next steps:

1. Check the DEXGate's Modbus version
          - In the DEXGate's web interface, go to Version on the left-side menu.
          - Check that your Modbus is v5.3.4 or 
greater. If not, please contact us at

2. Modify the Modbus configuration:
          - In the DEXGate's web interface, go to "Modbus Configuration" on the left-side menu.
          - Look for the Produal configuration lines.  If they are not in the configuration add the following lines:

# Ids of Produal devices  (example x@y where "x=modbus address" and "y=sensor SID" )
          ​- ​Modify the line that belongs to your device like the following example:
If we have:
  • FLTA modbus address: 5
  • Device connected to the FLTA: PAFL
  • SID of the device connected to the FLTA: 99
We should configure:

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