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Last Updated: Jul 11, 2018 04:26PM CEST

Extend the power of DEXCell Energy Manager with Energy Apps Market!!

Integrate with a growing number of applications!
Regression App
Perform regression analysis from two variables. Observe trends, dependencies between variables and detect outliers
Heat Map
Visualize and analyse consumption data from all your devices through a thermal matrix, and identify patters
Location Map
Visualize consumption of your locations in Google Maps! Generate a ranking using ratios for benchmarking
Passives App
How much do you consume in non-productive hours? Which is your permanent load? Analyse how much are you spending when you aren't in the facility
This app allows the integration of existing PLCs accessible from a website into
DEXCell Energy Manager such as Power Studio, Sauter ModuWEB, Panasonic FPWeb2, etc...

Visualize the consumption of your locations in a tree map. A treemap is a chart where area and color are used to rank items!

This application allows you to monitor the solar generation production of your facility. Also, you can differentiate what represents consumption, what represents self-consumption and what represents sale. 
Demand Load
This external application calculates the Load Demand for all your devices, it compares it with the contracted load and it indicates the possible load excess penalties.
Wholesale Market - Spain 
Application that lets you import wholesale prices to your project based on the formula you contracted with your supplier. Prices based on Red Electrica of Spain
This applications allows you to create new virtual devices using existing devices and establishing formulas defined by the user. Example: v1 + v2 - (v3*0.5)/v4

Synoptic App
This App lets you create synoptic charts that simulate your installation, through flow charts and all kinds of indicators (both numeric and text) based on the available parameters and configurable time ranges
Sentilo Export
This application allows you to
export all the information that you
desire to Sentilo's portal.
Just for Spain

Fuel Tank Manager
Manage your Fuel tanks, import   your readings and loads and convert them into consumption!

Forecasts your consumption and costs for the coming months, and compare it vs your different budgets and baselines.

Manual readings App
Import readings manually and forget about Excels or csv files.  

Carbon Emissions App
Convert your Energy and Water consumption to Carbon and GHG Emissions in a very easy way to track your company emissions.

Data Quality App
Analyze the quality of your data by checking the amount of gaps that you have and forecast your consumption to make your analysis more effective.

Operating Hours App
Install this app to analyze the amount of energy in a specific hour ranges during your activity (open, close, lunch time, night, etc).

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