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Last Updated: Aug 27, 2014 06:04PM CEST
How much do you consume in the non-productive hours? Which is your permanent load? 

This App helps you to analyse, in a automatic way, how much are you spending when you are not in the facility. 

The App does not require any scheduling configuration. Just select your device, your parameter, and analyse it!

Getting started

  1. Device selector: select the device you want to analyse its night passive consumption and permanent passive consumption.  
  2. Date range picker: select the period of time for the scatter plot analysis. You can use the presets available to move quickly (today, yesterday, last 7 days, last month...)
  3. Frequency: select the frequency you want to analyse your data. You can choose between hourly, daily, weekly or monthly
  4. Energy source: you can visualize passive consumption for all the energy sources enabled and you have devices with data
  5. Summary table: table where is shown in a detailed way the energy (kWh) and the economic Cost of the night and permanent passive consumption. In order to visualize the Cost, you must have associated a supply to the corresponding device. For more information, click here.   
  6. Export data to Excel: export the result on an Excel spreadsheet


  • Night passive consumption
Energy consumed in non-productive time, usually at night, due to connected systems when nobody is working at facility.

With this feature, you know how much energy is consumed during non-productive hours and how much it cost according to the rate.
  • Permanent passive consumption

Energy consumed throughout the day due to passive loads. It is your base load.

It gives both the energy value and the percentage value regarding on the daily total energy consumption, in order to know what is your base level and how much it cost. 
In our previous example, we can see that the permanent load of our facility is about 86,27 kWh


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