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HOWTO: Import historical data from a device - Join devices or import from an Excel

Last Updated: Dec 06, 2016 12:05PM CET

There are two different ways of importing historical data from one device to another:

  • Joining devices
  • Importing historical data from an Excel



Joining devices

Sometimes, maybe we have readings from the same meter in different devices. This could happen, for example, if we have imported some invoices from previous periods, we have changed the meter or we have imported historical data download form the fiscal meter.

DEXCell Energy Manager allows to concatenate devices and indicate which is the historical device of the other. For that, we have to follow the next steps:

1. We go to Settings > Gateways > Edit Gateways > Devices

2. We edit the main device and we select the "Historical device". Also, we have to indicate the join date of the concatenation of the devices.

In this case, we device called "Fiscal meter" has as historical data the device "ES003140_historical" and the join date of the two devices is the 31/12/2012. 

3. The historical device can have another device as historical data. DEXCell Energy Manager allows up to 5 concatenations between devices. 

4. Once we have join both devices, we have the following graph. As we can see, the main device has concatenated the historical device from the join date indicated. 

After the join or joins, the main device will integrate the historical data in all the menus of DEXCell Energy Manager.

Following these steps, we have to make sure that we keep both devices because erasing the one with the historical data would mean erasing the historical data from the current one too.


Importing historical data from an Excel

If what we want is to erase the device with the historical data and just keep the current one, we will have to download all the data from the former device on an Excel and then upload it on the current device.

To do so, it is very important to know that we have to download the data with the cumulative values (so we cannot download it from the Consumption screen).

1. First, we must go to the Queries screen and select the device from which we want to download the data, the period from which we want the data and the cumulative parameter (in case of Active Energy is just Active Energy).

2. Then, on the next screen, we have to download the Excel file with all the data.

3. Once we download it, we will have an Excel like the one shown below. We will have to change it in order to upload it again.

4. To change it in order to upload it correctly, we must download the template file that we can easily find in DEXCell (Settings > Gateways > *Any Gateway* > Insert Excel > New data import ) and fill it with these values.

As we can see on the green squared area on the picture, besides copying the data from one Excel to the other we must fill these two blanks with the device ID and the parameter ID:
  • Device ID: The ID of the device in which we want to add the historical data
  • Parameter ID: The ID of the parameter that the data corresponds to (in case of Active Energy would be 402).
5. Once this is done, we must upload the Excel and we will see on the Analysis screen the historical data added to the Current Device.

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