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HOWTO - Create a "Measure & Verification Projects"

Last Updated: Aug 27, 2013 05:00PM CEST
"Measure & Verification Projects" functionality allows to validate and verify the savings obtained from a Energy Efficiency Improvement (EEI).

Let's see how to create a new Measure & Verification project in a few steps:
  1. First of all, we create a new project clicking on "New Project"
  2. In the next step we have to specify the general information about the project:
  • Name: Distinctive name of the project. For example, "Savings Verifications Project by LED's"
  • Demostrative period of savings: date range where the savings are implemented.
  • Type: type of the project. The projects can be Energy Management, lighting, heating, cooling, etc.
  • Energy source: we select the type of energy of our project (electricity, gas, water, diesel, etc.)
  • Frequency: we select the frequency of our baseline. If we have hourly data, the frequency must be "hourly". If we can only generate our baseline monthly, we select "monthly" as frequency.
  • Meter or group: we select through which meter or group is going to be applied the Measure & Verification project.
  1. In the next step we should define the theoretical consumption or baseline. 
  • Theoretical consumption calculation: the system allows different options in order to get the theoretical consumption. These are: (click to obtain more information):
- By mathematical formula
- By temporal ranks
  • Non-rutinary adjustments: in this section we can add all the particular adjustments produced during all the project, such as setpoint temperature changes, extension of the facilities, timetable modifications etc. Adjustments could be constant values or a formula based on some variables (degree days, occupancy, etc). The value of this consumption as an adjustment is aggregated tu the energy calculate as a theoretical consumption.
  • In order to finalize the project, we introduce the energetic/economic saving goal in a percentage or absolute value
  1. We save and now we have our project ready to verify our savings!
  2. If we open the project, the chart will show in green the days where we have had savings, in red if we didn't have and in orange are the days when the value is within the uncertainty caused by the error of the method of calculating the theoretical consumption.


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