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HOWTO: Create a electrical tariff structure

Last Updated: Aug 27, 2013 05:00PM CEST
If any of the existing electrical tariff structure in our tariff library works for your project, you can create your own using our "Tariff structure generator" wizzard.
  1. Go to Settings > Supplies and tariffs > tariff structure library
  2. Once in the library, you can see two different zones: Public structures, which are common structures for all users in DEXCell Energy Manager; and Private tariff structures, only available in this account.
  3. Click on "New tariff structure" button in Private tariff structures zone.  
  4.  In the step 1 of the wizzard, type a Name for you structure, select the country where it applies, the tariff time band number of periods (Peak, shoulder, off-peak,etc.), give the Official tariff name (if it has), and the Utility. If this is a gubernamental tariff, type "-" on the Utility input.  
  5. Then, select how this structure is defined according to how many Week patterns it has during a natural year. DEXCell Energy Manager offers you 4 different ways to do that:
    • 1 pattern year: 1 week pattern will be applied for the whole year
    • Winter/summer: 2 different patterns are applied, separated by a relative dates
    • Monthly: 12 or more different patterns are applied, separated by static dates
    • Seasonal: No limit of patterns, separated by reference dates  
  6. For example, let's select "Seasonal" week pattern and click "next"
  7. Now just select the starting relative dates for each pattern. You can add more than two patterns by clicking on "Add season week pattern". You have to introduce the patterns chronologically.  
  8. Then, start painting the weekly pattern matrix (24h x 7days) by selecting the desired period on the bottom right. P1 is the expensive period and P3 the cheapest one. 
  9. Finally click on "Save" button and you are done!
Now you can create electrical supplies using your private tariff structures. See this article for to learn how;)

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